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Kim Bernal-Smith is an Intuitive Parenting Expert and is an author, speaker, and advocate of the family/team approach. Her passion is looking into the heart and soul of parents and their children and using her intuitive behavioral analysis skills Kim helps families connect and communicate together in a way that previously was impossible. After working with Kim, children feel heard and understood and parents realize the true experience of why they had children in the first place.


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More About Kim Bernal Smith

You can sense Kim’s love for children and the best of parent-child relationships. She is uniquely talented at creating the most positive environment for the child and parents to have a mutually satisfying relationship. Her clients say she is different from other parenting coaches you may talk to because she helps you develop and enhance your skills for a greater level of awareness, connection, emotional advancement and sustainment in your relationship with your child. Kim’s passion is looking into the heart and soul of parents and kids and then using her amazing behavioral analysis skills to identify solutions related to her clients strengths and desired outcomes. Her process is always based on a family/team approach.

Kim’s advocacy started early in her teens as volunteer for Special Olympics. She has tremendous expertise in the fields of domestic violence, mental health, substance abuse, and play therapy. After twenty years in the military treating and advocating for military members and their families she continued her quest to support these group as a consultant for the Department of Defense. She has studied with the College of Executive Coaching and is a Certified Professional Coach in addition to holding licensure as a clinical social worker in New Mexico and Alaska. Kim is an amazing teacher and highly sought out presenter. She is a human service professional whose knowledge, skill and ability in child development, family dynamics and psychosocial communication is nothing less than outstanding.

Kim has a talent at helping people feel welcome and accepted for whom they are and what they have to offer. Her incredible intuition and gift at reaching children make her a spot-on consultant. Kim’s clients say she brings wisdom, objectivity and a new perspective to their situations. Also, she is never judgmental and always able to keep things positive and helpful. She is a blessing to any family.

Kim is a veteran, business owner, author and speaker. She loves to travel the world and experience all life has to offer. She hails from Arizona and Alaska and currently lives in the District of Columbia with her life/business partner and canine kids. They are in the process of adopting their first children.